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We endeavor to be the best with regards to the services that we offer.  Before we started art loop open, we had a great team of researchers who sat down just for the sake of customers, and they came up with significant findings which are the ideas we are implementing at the moment. With that, we came up with some policies that help us in running what we do.

For our customers who got to hear from us entirely through our website, we try to create a good rapport with them especially when they comment on the articles that we post. This is meant for creating a great first impression by following up on the customers through their emails and updating them if any items might interest them. Of course, not to bother them too much, we always have a signature end at every email to politely ask them to unsubscribe from our email if they consider it a disturbance.

To our customers who we interview and showcase what they do. The first thing we ensure is that they have affirmatively agreed that we interview them without forcing them. Also, we take good care of their pieces of art, and we guarantee that they feel that they are the best artists in the world in a unique way. Since they sometimes come physically when we have exhibitions, we make sure they get to the place of presentations safely, and we keep calling them to ask whether they are okay and also trying to find out if they need anything from us like directions to the place. From their exhibitions, we get a new batch of customers, those that buy the pieces of art. We talk to them in a unique way and one that encourages them to buy. To get feedback from them, we ask them to write something in small cards that we call them feedback cards, and we always learn one thing or two from what they write.

Our support team strives to deliver the best services!



Spring Exhibition

Spring Exhibition Is in a Full Swing

The art loop open is organizing a spring exhibition in a few months’ time. Unlike other exhibitions which will happen in the US, will welcome artists, curators, painters and art enthusiasts from everywhere. This event occurs every year, but this time we have decided to have right before or after the festive season. Why attend […]