Tanvi Lonkar stands her ground and advocates women’s rights through art

Tanvi Lonkar was born in 1995 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Since her younger days, she loved art. She started acting when she was just eleven. In 2008, she landed a role in a leading film as Latika, a teenager in the film Slumdog Millionaire, being an Academy Award winning film.

This role made Lonkar to see life from another perspective. Acting as a teenager who was kidnapped and taken into the brothels in India and crime ridden slums. In reality, this means poverty, slavery, crime, prostitution and rape. All this issues affect women being majority. She had an idea of what women can go through to survive and remain significant in the society.

The role in ‘middle Latika’, opened her opportunities and she rediscovered her interest and love for art. There and then, she decided to paint the “women of the world.” By so doing that, she wanted the world to see the powerful women who had been forgotten and powerless.

According to her, the roe in Slumdog Millionaire was about the sufferings of a woman. She was angry and decided to look for something that will uplift women. To her, art was the answer. She hopes that, her art work will be famous and let other people see the powerful women from different cultures whose stories have lost significance. She further hopes that a time will come when these women will see her paintings and feel important once more the way she sees them.

Her main objective is for people to view women as important and strong. Depending on what women go through, this can be a motivation. They are looked down upon and mistreated.

During her days in middle school, she went through a lot. All her parents ran away and she was bullied as they called her a prostitute according to the movie role she played. She was angry at first but with time, she kept her heads high as it taught her something important. She knew the women have to be empowered and not looked at as outcasts.

Her most amazing experience was when she joined Georgia college and state university in America where she is a major in Psychology. She compared the city to Mumbai her hometown which she feels, people are unfriendly and are only concerned about their own issues and themselves.

On the other hand, Georgia is the perfect place as she can interact with others freely and they are friendly too. She was first surprised; people could wave at her on the street which was a unique issue. She was able to make international friends from all over the world.

Through her art, she hopes to achieve results. Women retaining their place in the society. Learning art as a form of activism, her artwork will be showcased for women history month. This will be the start and important step of her art.

Not only will more women see and admire their fellow women, but also it will be featured in literary journals and media. More people seeing this will help some understand the worth of women and respecting them, obviously, it will not be everyone that will accept them but that’s a start.

Her time at Georgia has prepared her to face any obstacles on the way. She feels fearless, confident and really to speak out. She goes further by saying, when young, she was afraid to speak even after learning of the issues affecting women all over the world. It’s now time that she has found a voice. She is ready and confident as the voice of powerless women.

After graduation, she wishes to volunteer work to be able to help women in the community. She is also able to enlighten them on job opportunities, talking to them and supporting them.

When you Enlighten a woman, this will bring enlightenment to the whole community. That is clearly seen in the part she is playing. As young woman from India, am sure Indian women will be viewed differently and bring change that has never been experienced in a very long time.

We understand her anger. Women go through a lot of problems from day to day. They are demeaned in certain societies and viewed as powerless and insignificant.

Its high time women regained their glory.


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