Musical Phenomenon. Why Skrillex turns up to be so popular?

Skrillex whose real name is Sonny John Moore is an American producer, dj, singer, and songwriter. He majorly deals with the electro dance music genre where he has gained his fame. Skrillex was in a band where he was a lead singer before he became a fully professional. He has slowly worked his way to fame by being able to impose his character in his music. Being in a band as a lead singer helped him to become as famous as he is today because of the exposure that he received. Post-hardcore was the band that he belonged to and even went ahead and released two albums Dear Diary in 2004 and Heroine in 2006. Skrillex has garnered fame from his ability to impose his character that stands out from the rest of his peers.

Show of character
In 2009, Skrillex chose to show the world what he is made of by sharing My Name is Skrillex EP on his MySpace page for free. This was a time he chose to start establishing himself in the industry. He wanted first to reach out to a base of fans. By doing this, he allowed for fans to get to know him better since they were able to listen to his music for free. This tactic propelled him to fame since it was then that he started receiving widespread attention.

Rolling Stone Impact
Working with Rolling Stone or getting an interview from Rolling Stone is bound to make someone famous. If you are already famous, Rolling Stones is bound to increase that fame. This is a fact Skrillex knew well when he invited Rolling Stone to his studio in Los Angeles. The Rolling Stone would cover the release of his secrete album, Recess, that he released digitally using a Skrillex-branded phone App. Rolling Stone followed the release with a full cover story on Skrillex which further introduce him to new audiences taking his fame and game a notch higher.

Grammy awards
Another important achievement that has made Skrillex famous globally was the fact that he was able to scoop various Grammy awards. In the music industry being able to win a Grammy is an indication that one is at the peak of a performer’s career. In the year 2011, he got nominations for five Grammy awards. He went on to win in the three categories, that is, best-remixed recording, best dance recording, and best dance album. Since then he has gone on to win another five Grammy awards. He currently holds the record for most Grammy awards scooped by dance music artist. This is a feat that holds enormous influence and significance in the propelling of Skrillex to global fame.

Collaboration with various artists
Skrillex did not work alone over the years. He expanded his brand and fame by working with other artists in the industry as well. He went on to form groups with Diplo and Boyz Noise. These measures helped him to reach out to a wider fan base while also remaining relevant in the industry.
Skrillex also worked with Rick Ross on a song that also enjoyed great success. Recently, he teased fans about a collaboration with a collaboration with Missy Elliot and gave a snippet named ID but has not produced the single yet. However, these collaborations help the artist o remain relevant in the industry continually. He is able to tap fans that did not know of his music very much. All these propelled the artist to the fame he now enjoys today.

Skrillex is a popular act in the music industry today. He has gone from strength to strength since the release of his debut album. His fame comes from the fact that he has imposed his character on the fans who understand his music. He also worked with various collaborating artists so as to remain relevant while also playing his music. His love for music has not changed much due to the fact that he has stuck to his electro dance sound which people go wild for. Additionally, his live shows are normally electric. He has toured the world and allowed his fans the opportunity to relate to his music.


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