Ray Bradbury and Realism

The literary thinking and tech worlds are mourning the dead of Ray Bradbury, the most profoundly well-known science fiction writer who passed on at the age of 91. Bradbury, the most famous writer of his 1953 novel “Fahrenheit 451”, employed his vision to take a look at the world, which is locked in a developing love affair with advancing technology. The novel is amongst the more excellent dystopian novels drafted in the recent century. Ideally, the world of ‘Fahrenheit 451’ is a dystopia and it is most based on the future. Several views of the revolutionary dystopian society are described in the novel Fahrenheit 451 and are comparable to present day society. The most known Fahrenheit 451 thesis is that Bradbury Ray demonstrates how the modern way of life will finally change the life on the entire world completely.

The story takes place in an American city at some period in the future. Homes are fire proof, and due to that reason, firefighters do not douse fires but rather start them. In some way, the realistic argument demonstrated in both the current history and the novel is the burning of books and is aimed at destructing the free will of the individuals. When it comes to the electronic gadgets applied in the novel, Fahrenheit 451 is somehow realistic. Mildred is continuously described as being in an enchantment listening to music and commercials through her Seashell earpiece. Well, she goes wireless; the use of Bluetooth, headphones are by now in an invention and continue to decline in size every year. Comparing the literature in the novel to the current life, so many “Mildred” will be seen on the streets and thus “Fahrenheit 451” is realism. “Mildred” here is used to portray the character of Mildred whose life is surrounded by the radio and television just like in today’s world where the electronic gadgets are part and parcel of the life, especially to the youths.

In the novel, Mildred is depicted acting like a kid because there is little going through her brain, and utilizes the electronic gadgets so much that it appears like she entirely has no life. The character in her ideally shows the current youths whose lives solely relies on the mobile phones and are addicted to gadgets just like Mildred. In today’s life, the electronic gadgets are carried everywhere, which in essence turn into the present “family” reflecting how Mildred termed the electronic devices “her family”. In fact, the story mentions that individuals are communicating to their associates via the digital wall, the similar language that Facebook utilized years later on for digital focus that enables associates to not only see messages but also post messages. Therefore, “Fahrenheit 451” reflects on how the lives and society have been dominated by electronic gadgets.
Bradbury amplifies some common characteristics of

American culture all through the novel, which cause “Fahrenheit 451” appear spookily realistic. Mildred’s parlor TVs are magnifications on the ever-increasing size and as well, the practical value of new Televisions. One could easily consider televisions are turning interactive soon with the manner in which technology has been developing exponentially. Therefore, the members of the futuristic society are obsessed with their big, flat screen TVs just like the today’s technophiles, as the viewing screens usually cover an entire wall in the Bradbury’s story. Despite the democratic country where individuals fight for their rights and enjoy their freedom, too much exposure or rather consumption of television programs can be dangerous for both physical and mental constitution of human beings. Some individuals may lose their lives and social contact outside the television. It is currently a problem in the society and it is incredibly realistic.

The pedestrian features a self-thinking and self-driving car. Today, individuals are often moving and never mind to stop, gaze and enjoy things. Vehicles are often advertised by their speed mainly because it is the only thing people are longing for. In “Fahrenheit 451”, Ray Bradbury describes the hunger for speed via the way individuals in the futuristic society carry themselves on the highway. All through the story, he describes cars moving at high speeds, which is so soon common of present society. As far not much advanced and much less ominous, and as the component of Google project, the self-driving vehicles are found on USA roads. To further prove the written imagination, there are some roads in Texas in which the speed limit in point of fact is 85 mph!. The issue of speed is a problem in the present society and is indeed realistic.

Moreover, another trouble that is not only actual in the book, but also in our current society is that it is okay to consume drugs such as painkillers, antidepressants, and tranquilizers. Mildred is seen to be addicted to sleeping capsule and still overdoses on the capsule all through the novel. Mildred’s character is a futuristic prediction because according to a 2010 study carried on by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4% of grownups individuals were prescribed to sleeping tablet. This ideally means that almost 9 million Americans use the sleeping tablet as a medication to sleep.

In a dystopian society, the general public is preoccupied with sports, action, and violence. Sports have been ever popular in the entire America. Football is amongst the most popular but violent games in American and more than 111.9 million Americans people watched the 2016 Super-Bowl. America’s obsession with violence is also depicted in the increase of mixed self-defenses organizations such as Bellator MMA and UFC. Throughout American society, Gun violence is very common, and fatal mass shots appear to take place every year. All through the novel, Montag’s society is often involved in numerous warfares and the citizens seem to be indifferent towards the most common violence happening abroad. Likewise, America has for a long time participated in various wars in the Middle East. There appears to be repeated fighting and the American military personnel have been sent abroad on several occasions from Desert Storm to Operation on Iraqi Freedom. Besides, after the cold war and world war between USSR and USA started, both nations were armed with nuclear bombs. Such equipment poses some fear and still a realistic concern in the present society, indicating the cultural decay of the current society.

Also, Bradbury points out on the commercialization of censorship laws, broken political system, and religious belief throughout the novel. Today, such distinct features of the dystopian society are common in America and thus create the novel “Fahrenheit 451” appears like a revelation. In fact, there is a problem where individuals need simple lives without suffering and sadness. People try all means to avoid or run away from their problems, or even ignore them. Running away from own problems is common in present real life, in which certain points are reached where all tensions beneath the surface need to be released. The book portrays the above problem beautifully and in a similar manner to the present life.

The novel is a realistic future scenario since some of the arguments in the science-fiction story are already true in the present times, an example being the high media consumption amount, more especially televisions. Another argument presented which is already present and is a problem to the society is the control and spying of personal data. This is quite realistic as evident in Russia, which nowadays utilizes the chip cards for health care insurance in Germany. Some governments or even big companies attempt to spy or have control over their workers. Other arguments that support the realistic aspect of the story include the high rates of pollution and destruction of nature. The massive increase in pollution, traffic, and the destruction of nature is a problem of today, which has been portrayed in the novel. This describes a parallel to the harm of nature in today’s society and has been a topic for many years and will still be trouble for the next coming years. Differently, the literature and books are reliable, and at present, a free information flow exists rendered by the media. Nevertheless, Bradbury demonstrates ubiquitous advertising that manipulates individuals and is quite realistic as shown by the commercial breaks in each and every television and movie show.

In the novel, individuals have little or no chance to run away from publicity and the consequential manipulation. Today, the massive commercials are a reality and as well, the manipulation that goes with it. Anonymity, alienation, superficiality, and isolation are also problems of the present society, which are demonstrated by most individuals preferring to live their life and do not need the culture of others as depicted by the increased number of singles. I would suppose that the writer looks ahead, as these are troubles of the modern world. Ray Bradbury describes an acquisitive world as depicted by Mildred (Guy Montag´s wife), who lives in a sheer faith in the admin of the regime of the general public of “Fahrenheit 451”. Besides, she does not recognize the outcomes of the total control. Mildred behaves superficially for her husband, and it is also a realistic allusion to demonstrate the separation of individuals. Ideally, when we closely consider the inner conflict of Montage Guy, he is a man who is easily convinced of exercising the right thing till he can meet a girl called Clarisse. She touches him in the interior by her independence and childishness. Therefore, the scenario above shows a change from a superficial fireman who is burning books to a man of reflecting personality.

In the novel, Bradbury also visualizes automated banking machines. The machines put up with a striking resemblance to ATMs and offered 24-hour financial data to its users. The thought of electronic surveillance pops up in the novel before the closed circuit TVs becomes a fixture in all cities all over the world. The story gives an early warning to individuals on how the surveillance could be misused, the vexations that echo nowadays. Besides, the advertisement is so rampant that the citizens have no possibility of escape. For example, the 200 m long billboard, which will automatically catch the attention of everyone passing by it. The huge amount of current commercialization is a clear proof that there are no escapes from the advertisement as they are mostly everywhere.

Generally, “Fahrenheit 451” attempts to demonstrate how the modern life lived today will impact on the future. If things are not questioned and technology adopted largely with much dependence, then other people, such as some large enterprises and government, will take an easier path on controlling and spying on the entire population in the society. Moreover, over-reliance on medication may cause devastating effects on both individuals’ health and as well on the society as a whole. Modern society is slowly getting less and less bright because people mostly depend on technology. In today’s elementary schools, children are not only taught to make use of computers and iPads but are also taught math by use of a calculator. If the society keeps embracing and relying much on technology, the human brains will finally be useless. The current generation has to show change, or else the nation may suffer the effects.


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