Want to Be Involved in the Art Loop Open Spring Exhibition? This Post’s for You

The already advertised Art Loop Open Spring Exhibition is on its way to you. You might be wondering what it is about, you could be a stakeholder but have never in any way gotten close this fete. You are at the right place, this is not our first one, but we are happy to make it your first and one of its kind. All this just for you.

Is this your first time?

If you have never been involved do not be afraid, at the end of this page, you will find answers to most of the questions you could be asking yourself. Besides, some of the questions you are asking yourself are important not for us but for you who are getting involved.

Why are you entering the exhibition?

There is always a reason why we sign up for certain things. Do not just do it out of immediate emotion. Think about it. Look at the person who is pressing you to be a part of the art exhibition. Ask yourself if it is worth it. If it is for entertainment, is the fun it gives, what am looking for? After this, you already have a reason to be involved in this year’s Art Loop Open exhibitions.

Do you think you are not good?

Someone once said that there is no right or wrong in art. That person was right in some way. It is a question of readiness and the need to learn. The Art Loop Open is not an event for the all- perfect, for a reason this event is here to motivate.  The question should change to are you ready. If you are, then get involved.

Does it cost any money?

This one is an absolute yes, but it should not scare you. An exhibition is a platform, to us, place part of a marketing mix. You need to have the artwork seen you are welcome. By just paying a small fee online or over the counter you have yourself space to exhibit your art. You need:

  • An entry fee

Same as any event, it could be an entrance fee at the gate or entry to compete for a significant price.

  • Cost of prep

During an exhibition, there is a lot of input you will get to display a piece of art. Our team will help you with a number of items at a base rate. The cost of preparation is quite reasonable and should not be a worry.

What does a standard exhibition look like?

Art loop open spring exhibition is an excellent example of a regular art exhibition. Why are we saying this, our process of exhibition is simple, what to expect is as follows:

  • A call to entry: This takes the form of entry requirements for exhibition and deadlines.
  • A submission of artworks: there is always something you want to display, arriving with it at the site is all important.
  • An announcement of finalists: once you have made it to the final exhibitions, prepare exhibit and have it ready for display.
  • The opening night is here: you can choose to attend, even so, attend it and have a chance to know everything happens.
  • If the art sells, exhibition handles everything that follows deducting a commission usually for the organizer
  • Pick up artwork in case it does not see, as advised by organizers.

The above should be able to open your eyes to what to expect in an exhibition. After this, what follows, is ensuring you are a part of it. There is a lot that art exhibitions offer, and you should be that beneficiary.



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