Spring Exhibition

Spring Exhibition Is in a Full Swing

The art loop open is organizing a spring exhibition in a few months’ time. Unlike other exhibitions which will happen in the US, will welcome artists, curators, painters and art enthusiasts from everywhere. This event occurs every year, but this time we have decided to have right before or after the festive season.

Why attend this year’s Art Loop Open spring exhibition?

This year’s exhibition will be one of its kind. The Art loop open exhibition promises you multiple benefits. The show will not disappoint you in any way. Maybe to touch on what to expect from the exhibition, as below:

  • A chance to network

We have invited the greatest of players in the art industry to the event. Details will be provided later. Be assured of good networks created at the end of it all. It will hugely depend on what you want. This platform will provide that help.

  • A chance to learn

The guest invited are the talented of this age. If you need to develop your work, then this event will serve that purpose. The conversations will be entirely on art and the business of the field on a broader spectrum. The event will comprise of topics on the future art among many other things of interest, just for you.

  • Mentorship

Stocks, business, religion, education, art, name them all these things require mentorship. There is a need to have someone you can look up to at most times. The need to build capacity on art is hugely dependent on the person you are involved with, this event should be able to connect you to one.

  • Competition and sales

Just like many exhibitions, there is a prize, there are spectators, there are scouts, and there are significant sales. To an artist, the product is a piece of art. People need to see it, and in the end, you should be able to sell yourself, your product and even compete for the big prize. The Art Loop Open spring exhibition is giving you the chance to do that.

Who is allowed to attend?

The event is a home to everyone. We believe everybody loves art and this exhibition will give you that. Be sure that this outstanding exhibition will satiate your need to experience good art. We think that whoever is attending has a connection with art and wants to keep that relationship healthy. The Art Loop is an open door to artists, curators, sculptors, painters, art judges, exhibitors, art collectors and many other.


What is expected of you?

Attending an art exhibition is not enough, the art loop open has set out some simple standards to follow in an exhibition. They are essential for the smooth flow of the event and not only good for the event but the attendees and facilitators of the event like:

  • Do not touch art

Art is all sensitive. Some of them have been delicately done, some delicately placed, enjoy a piece of art by merely looking, seeing and thinking. This is adequate.

  • Dress to impress

The reason people attend exhibitions is not to see art, there is networking, for knowledge, for mentorship and many other reasons. Impression is all-important in that process, and the way you dress can get the kind of person you seek.

  • Avoid clumsiness

You might be saying that clumsiness is all but someone’s nature and you are right. For that reason, any art exhibition will require you to stay calm during the exhibition to avoid damaging other people’s pieces of art. The same is expected for this spring exhibition, stay put and enjoy the event.

How to and how much to pay?

Being towards the festive season, tickets are expected to rise, but for us, it is a special package. Just visit our website and choose what works for you. The fee is different for the different attendees from scouts to artists. All depends on the part you will play in the exhibition.

This year’s spring exhibition is one of its kind. Fail not to attend.






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