theory test booking change

theory test booking change

You must stay at home (self-isolate) and not go to your test if:
Check, change or cancel your:

  • you or someone you live with has coronavirus symptoms
  • you’ve been told by the NHS Test and Trace service that you’ve been in contact with a person who has coronavirus

You can do this free of charge anytime before the test.

Theory test booking change
And if you don’t pass the first time, then we’ll help you to quickly re-book using our cancellation finder!
Plus you get loads of free goodies such as free retests, theory test cancellations and a highway code to help you practice and revise!

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If your pupil has lost or damaged their certificate they can apply for a replacement letter by contacting [email protected] They’ll need to provide their:
As part of our normal ID and eligibility checks our driving examiners are checking for valid theory test certificates.

Theory test booking change

  • provide proof of identity and address
  • pay a fee to take the test, and another to receive your learner’s permit if you pass the test
  • provide a medical certificate if you have a medical condition that affects your driving.

Book your learner’s permit theory test by ringing a Customer Service Centre on 13 10 84.



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