croydon theory test centre address

croydon theory test centre address

West Croydon station is approximately 0.4 miles from the test centre, taking 8 minutes to walk.
Croydon Train Station
George Street

Mitcham driving test centre has closed temporarily while work continues to evict travellers who have moved on to the road leading to the site. We will let you know as soon as the car and motorcycle test centre reopens. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Alternative motorcycle test locations (modules 1&2)
Erith Driving Test Centre
Manor Way North
DA17 6LJ

Latest DVSA revision question bank valid for tests taken up to 1 December 2021.
If you’re a member of any of the libraries listed below then you can use Theory Test Pro for free. Plus, in most cases you will also be able to access the service from home – all you need is your library card. Click on the link to your local library to get started.

Croydon theory test centre address
Driving Lessons Near Me is a great link that will help you find a great Driving Instructor.
Did you know that over 50% more people pass first time by practising their driving test routes? You can download them to a sat nav or mobile device and practise what lanes to use, the speed limits and even potential hazards.

You can find your local Theory and Driving Test Centre by going to
Local driving test centres that we cover can be found below.



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