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To be eligible for go!passes, your organization MUST be located within the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Boundaries. If you are unsure if you are within the boundaries, please contact us.
Learn more about the go!pass program requirements and rules by clicking here.

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If you have already purchased a pass, you will still be able to use it at attractions that are currently open, or save it – all our passes are valid for two years!
We’ll be back very soon, but in the meantime, we advise visiting individual attraction’s website for the latest opening news.

Log in with your library card credentials and browse for passes by date or attractions. Make your reservation and print or download your pass shortly before your visit. You can have two active reservations per library card. If you reserve a pass and do not use it or cancel the reservation, the unused pass will count towards your limit. Remember that once you print or download your pass you cannot cancel your reservation. Pass is non-transferable. Valid ID is required.
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Register your Go-Pass at the Saskatoon Transit Customer Service Centre in the downtown transit terminal. One of the benefits of the Go-Pass Card is that it can be registered. If lost or stolen, the card can be deactivated and the value left on that card can be transferred to a new Go-Pass card. An additional $5 activation fee will apply to all new and replacement re-loadable Go Pass cards.
There will be a $5.00 activation fee for any new Go-Pass or replacement cards. ​

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Because we’re compatible with pass there are other projects out there that you can use to complement gopass on other platforms.

Employees $167 – $187 per quarter
Due to new Federal guidelines regarding subsidized transit passes, all UCLA students and employees purchasing a Go Metro pass are required to take a short one-time survey prior to making their purchase.

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See How do I use Discover and Go? to start accessing passes to a variety of Bay Area attractions with your Library card.
San Francisco Public Library now offers free museum and attractions passes on an online platform called Discover & Go. Library users who are San Francisco residents can access free passes to more than a dozen San Francisco Bay Area museums and attractions with the use of their library card. With Discover & Go, library users can better reserve a pass online with their library card and print their tickets at home or at the neighborhood library.

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Passes are non-transferable and must be shown to a GRTC representative upon request with a valid employer or student ID card. Passes may be confiscated or deactivated if misused.
GRTC partners with local universities and employers to provide transit passes for employees, students, faculty and staff. Passes can only be obtained through the participating entity, not directly from GRTC. The u-pass is for University students; the e-pass is for employees (including faculty and staff). Learn more at the participating schools below.

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