Tips on How to Choose an Artwork Research Topic

The ability of a student to develop a good artwork research topic is an essential skill. It is always good if you choose an excellent topic that can make you write a good paper, it is also crucial if you want the process to run smoothly.

The process of writing a good research artwork paper can make you feel like there is too much weight hanging over your shoulders as time passes. However, if you are familiar with these crucial steps, it can be a quick, easy, and fun process. 

  • Brainstorming Some Research Topics

 The first that you need to do is brainstorm to check which artwork topic is best for you. You can list down some topics and choose a topic that interests you most. You can also get out of your comfort zone and find out what is going on around you. By doing so, you can get some inspiration and find something to write.

 Choose a topic that you somehow have a connection with. Try to avoid artwork research topics that have been overdone. But also pick a topic that you will get information quickly.

  • Do Preliminary Research To Pick A Topic

After you have listed the potential topics that you are interested in, select your top best topics. You can then do some background studies on each topic. Check for the keywords on each general text to see if the online sources are available concerning each artwork’s research topic. You can use sources such as academic journals, Google Scholar, among others.

  • Term Paper Writing Service

If you have a problem writing, you can look for research paper writing service on the web. There are so many academic writing agencies that can assist you. They will take the stress of writing a custom research paper from you.

They will ensure that your research paper is of high quality, free of grammatical errors, and plagiarism. They can work on it even when it is almost due and deliver on time.

  • Get Super Specific

Once you have a broad topic, the next step is to narrow down to a specific idea. It can help in determining whether your subject has depth, and it is worth pursuing. The main aim here is to get your broad topic and extract a specific question. For example, you can narrow a general topic like art and limit it by geographical areas, culture, and time frame.

  • Make A List Of Useful Keywords And Be Flexible

Research on the words that best describe your topic. You can check for their meaning on encyclopedias. Then identify their synonyms and write down the terms words.

Do not forget when your artwork research paper is due. It will help you know the depth and the coverage needed for the essay. This will guide you on the time that you need to take in researching your topic. However, to be on the safe, choose a topic that is more flexible and manageable.

  • Develop Research Question

Your artwork research paper should always be seeking to answer a specific research question. Ideally, it should be one that has not been asked before or one that has not been satisfactorily explained. Check on the gaps in the information available about the topic that you have been reading. You can then come up with a question that will address the gap.

  • Build a Research Outline

After having a research topic, all you have to do is an in-depth research on the specific subjects. Create an outline of what you want your research to talk about.


With these simple and easy steps, and you will finally have your artwork research topic. Apply them in when you are doing your next artwork research paper to pick a topic quickly.


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