How to Find

Whoever invented technology knew that one day artists would need it. Apart from doing physical activities in our location in Chicago, we are also found in these streets of the internet. The website, as at now remains

Once you search that using any of the browsers that you’d prefer, be sure to find us virtually waiting for you. Ensure it is the website mentioned above that we are working on, our copyright has to be there. We are not planning to change that anytime soon.

Most of our vital information is found on our home page on the website which points out what we do and the latest activities or competitions. We have our contact details still on the site that you can use to reach to us.

Apart from the home page, we also have a blog which keeps track of written articles showing what we have done so far. In cases of an event, we update all that on our blog so that you can know the physical location and come to join especially when you want to exhibit or buy artistic work. So, our blog gives almost all the information you might need on how to find us