What Is Art Loop Open?

Imagine a Friday evening, off from work, tired and eager to usher in the weekend in style. You have a myriad of activities in your mind that you are hoping to execute over the weekend. Those activities are nothing but fun related or talent nurturing kind of escapades, artistic to be precise.

You try to search for art exhibition websites and the first that pops up is our artloopopen.com, you wonder who are we, really? Trust your instincts, those that are telling you about us because, in a nutshell, we are what the title says we are. Three words; art, loop and open, in that order.

Art is what has brought us this far. We saw a loop in this area and voila, we decided to open the loop so that weekends for people like you can count. You might not necessarily be an artist over the weekend.

We know some people do this full time like a priest who has dedicated their life to God, so they serve Him full time. We are here to tell stories of people like you, you who is artistically endowed and you are ready to show the world your unique and cool talent.

In Art Loop Open, we also have art related competitions and we can help you sell your work to the highest bidder. Isn’t that the package you were looking for? We are glad you are associated with us. Be our guest.

We will feature you someday, and the world will see your artistic journey thanks to our blog. And since we are made of art, we are proud to have transformed ten venues in downtown Chicago into interactive public art exhibits.